What is a Vacatia Guaranteed listing?

Vacatia Guaranteed is an extra step taken by the seller to confirm the accuracy of their listing. Buyers who see Vacatia Guaranteed listings will have extra peace-of-mind knowing that our staff has checked the content advertised against seller documentation and determined it to be satisfactory.

Vacatia’s financial guarantee is simple: if a buyer and seller have a signed purchase agreement and the transaction fails to close due to inaccurate listing content, we will credit the buyer:

• $500 for a Vacatia Guaranteed listing which was Resort Verified.

• $250 for a Vacatia Guaranteed listing where ownership documents and/or a maintenance bill was received.

Credits are given at the close of escrow and valid toward the buyer's next purchase of a vacation ownership interest on Vacatia.com. Multiple payments are not provided for a single, Vacatia Guaranteed  listing. Either one $250 or one $500 payment will be made. 

For easy identification, Vacatia Guaranteed listings appear first on search results and have a snazzy orange seal.

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