Star Ratings

At Vacatia, we endeavor to provide the best source of information for vacationing families regarding resort residences for their planning needs.

This information includes the latest photography of each resort (exteriors), residence (interiors), and things you’ll love (differentiators). It also includes detailed information about each resort's location, architecture, and amenities.

Travel and ratings sites typically also suggest star ratings, which we have aggregated for your convenience as an additional resource for planning:

  • One Star: Simple accommodations, very low price, budget or economy class
  • Two Star: Meets basic needs and value, affordability
  • Three Star: Quality comfort and convenience, solid service, basic amenities 
  • Four Star: Superior property, upscale, high quality and comfort, variety of amenities 
  • Five Star: Luxury location, outstanding facilities, amenities and guest service, highest quality and comfort
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